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Germanium Fuzz

Classic 2 N.O.S. Germanium PNP transistors Fuzz, cleans up very well with the Volume control on the guitar, not buffered.
Controls: Volume, Bias, Fuzz and Input Volume.

Handmade with high quality components. Airbrushed. High-gloss, scratch-proof, Turquoise automotive finish.
The Type Zero Fuzz operates with standard center-negative power supply, the RGB LED turns solid red when DC polarity is reversed. The internal slide switch disables the RGB LED to reduce the overall power consumption up to 40%. The mechanical True Bypass is designed to prevent popping sound during guitar signal switching.

  • Bias control.
  • Internal input volume trimmer.
  • Slide switch to disable LED for battery saving.
  • Build-in filter to attenuate AC and EMI noise from the 9V DC power source for quieter operation.
  • Operates with 9V battery or regulated 9V DC Negative Center power supply.
  • DC reverse polarity indicator light.
  • True Bypass designed to eliminate audio popping during switching.
Lòsna Electronics A01 Type Zero packaging 100% plastic-free.

Download Manual: A01 Type Zero Manual PDF

Audio sample (Fender T model):

Audio Sample 1
Lòsna Electronics A01 Type Zero, Airbrush painting, Turquoise finish.
Lòsna Electronics A01 Type Zero, Airbrush painting. Automotive paint, high-gloss, scratch-proof finish.
Video 1

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